Lampara: The Boko Regional unit of the Boro National Council held its 39th annual conference at Lampara Anchalik High School playground from April 8th to 9th, 2023.

During the conference, the Boro people performed ‘Bathou Puja‘ and many other rituals. Additionally, the sixth edition of the mouthpiece ‘Bakhanthi’ was unveiled during the two-day program.

During the open session, former general secretary of the Boro Sahitya Sabha, Prasanta Boro, encouraged the Boro people to preserve the Bodo language to maintain their uniqueness in the future. He emphasized that religion, caste, and language are the three things by which people must live on Earth in the future.

Boro tribal girls are performing their traditional Boro dance during the annual conference of the Boro National Council at Lampara in Assam state’s Kamrup district on Sunday, April 9 2023. Photo: Alex Camble

Boro also mentioned that the Bodos have their own customary law, which includes the rejection of child marriage, a law that the state government has recently started to obey. However, the Boro people strictly follow the law under their customary law. Therefore, the Bodo people should not forget their language and culture.

Rekibuddin Ahmed

Rekibuddin Ahmed, MLA Chaygaon LAC, expressed pride in the fact that after independence, for the first time in the Assam state assembly, some members gave their speeches in the Bodo language, which was then translated into other languages used in the assembly.

Bishnu Basumatary

During the conference, Bishnu Basumatary, President of the BNC Boko Regional Unit, requested the Chaygaon MLA Rekibuddin Ahmed to revive the South Kamrup district as soon as possible. Rekibuddin Ahmed was a special guest in the opening session of the conference.

t is worth mentioning that the South Kamrup district was established on January 25, 2016, but it was closed by a decision of the State cabinet on October 7, 2016.

“South Kamrup district is our right. There are three constituencies in South Kamrup, which are Palashbari, Chaygaon, and Boko, with six revenue circles. However, Majuli only has one circle, even though it should have district status. Therefore, people in the Majuli area are facing difficulties with various official works,” said Basumatary.

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“The state government should re-establish the South Kamrup District, especially in these times of price hikes. It is difficult for people to spend money on necessary government official work. People in the Lumpi, Ukium, Nagarbera, Sontoli, and riverine areas are suffering to go to Amingaon, which is the district headquarters of Kamrup Rural District,” added Basumatary while demanding the re-establishment of the South Kamrup District as soon as possible.

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