Family of deceased BSF lady constable appeal to Assam CM for justice
Deceased BSF lady constable Dhritashree Rabha

Boko: The family members of Dhritashree Rabha, a 28-year-old BSF constable who was found dead under mysterious circumstances in Coochbehar, West Bengal on March 20 2023, are now seeking answers about the circumstances that led to her untimely demise.

Dhritashree, who had joined the BSF in 2017 and was stationed at the Tura BSF camp in Meghalaya, was sent to Coochbehar for a Karate tournament. However, on March 20, her dead body was found inside the battalion complex.

Dhritashree’s mother Leela Rabha and her younger sister Dipshikha Rabha are not convinced that Dhritashree died of suicide.

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According to them, when they visited the BSF camp in Coochbehar where Dhritashree was residing, they were not allowed to thoroughly examine her room and other belongings.

Dipshikha was taken aback by this and stated, “It seemed like they were prepared for our arrival. They didn’t even let us properly inspect her room and other belongings.”

Dipshikha has accused BSF of concealing the truth about her sister’s death, alleging that Dhritashree was murdered as a part of a conspiracy. When asked about the potential reasons and suspects, she said, “I suspect her boyfriend and an unknown person named ‘Lawrence,’ who was from BSF and was harassing my sister when she visited home last time.”

Dhritashree’s family has appealed to Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma to intervene in the case for justice. In addition, they have lodged an FIR at the Pundibari Police Station in Coochbehar.

In the FIR filed by Dhritashree’s mother Leela, she suspects foul play in her daughter’s sudden and mysterious death, which has been portrayed as a suicide. “A close-up photograph of Dhitashree’s hanging body circulated among the family and villagers, showing clear signs of injuries on her body. Additionally, her feet were touching the ground, and the window where she was found trapped was almost the same height as her. The BSF department has not provided any information about who took her body down from the hanging position or who used her phone after her death,” the FIR stated.

Leela believes that Dhritashree was murdered, and cites her daughter’s allegations that BSF employee Akshay Supekar was harassing her for several days, and another BSF employee named Lawrence (full name unknown) was threatening her. She stated, “All these incidents make me believe without a doubt that this sudden death is a premeditated murder of my daughter.”

In her statement, Leela said, “On March 19 around 7.30 to 8.00 pm, I called my daughter, as I usually do every day, and we talked for a long time. She was supposed to come home on April 1, 2023, for the Bihu holidays, and was excited. She ordered hakka noodles from Swiggy and she told me that she would eat the Hakka noodles and later on she would have dinner with her friends. Everything was normal. On March 20, however, I called my daughter several times between 8 am and 9 am. but she did not answer. At around 08.47 am, my younger daughter Deepsikha called her from her mobile phone.”

The FIR added, “One of her friends picked up the phone and informed me that my daughter, Dhritashree, is in the bathroom. After some time, at about 10 am, an unidentified woman called on my mother-in-law’s mobile number and informed me that my daughter is no more. The woman also informed me that my daughter died of suicide. I was very surprised to hear this because I talked to my daughter the night before and she was all normal.”

Meanwhile, leaders of the All Rabha Women Council (ARWC) visited Dhritashree’s house on Saturday evening to offer their condolences to the family.

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Sabita Rabha, the vice president of the Boko unit of ARWC, reacted to Dhritashree’s death, stating that girls in Assam are not safe even after joining the Indian forces to protect the country.

She added, “She was a talented and emerging young woman of the Rabha community, whom we lost. Therefore, we, the Rabha tribal Women, request the Assam Chief Minister to kindly intervene in this matter for justice.”

Originally from Dakuapara village in Boko, Kamrup district of Assam, Dhritashri was the sole breadwinner of her family.

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