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Two entrepreneurs from Assam, Jwngdow Narzary and Arjun Narzary, have developed an innovative solution called Foiti, a social travel app that is poised to revolutionize the way we travel.

At the heart of Foiti lies a game-changing feature that can detect the precise coordinates of photos uploaded by users. This feature enables travelers to visit the exact location where the photo was taken and also unlocks the possibility of visiting places that do not even have a name on the map.

“Earlier we could only visit or guide travellers to places with names like Seven Sister Falls, Kamakhya Temple, Taj Mahal, or Great Sphinx of Giza. With Foiti, users no longer have to even explain which corner of Amazon Rainforest the photo was taken,” a statement issued by the company said.

One of the most exciting features of Foiti is the ‘Explore’ feature. This feature allows users to browse through random photos recommended to them based on their interests.

“Users can also search for a specific destination, region, country or even scroll through the map and use the Explore feature to see all the photos of that location. Explore opens up a world of possibilities for travelers, allowing them to discover new and exciting destinations,” the company said.

Foiti also offers other features to enhance the travel experience.

“Users can meet with locals, find travel partners, see attractions around them or in a specific destination, follow other users, message, and create bucket lists. The app is continuously evolving, and very soon, it will allow users to ask questions to the community, write travel stories, create itineraries, and much more. These features set Foiti apart from other travel apps, making it a go-to for every travel enthusiast.”

The app’s ability to detect the coordinates of photos uploaded by users and the Explore feature will allow users to discover new destinations and hidden gems, far beyond the well-known tourist spots. The other features, such as creating bucket lists, meeting locals, and finding travel partners, make the app an all-in-one solution for travel enthusiasts.

You can check out the app here.

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