Tech, tough steps help Assam cops bring crime rate, case pendency down in 2022
Assam Police headquarter and CID building (left to right)

Guwahati: Assam’s crime rate and case pendency have drastically come down by the end of the year 2022 as against that of the previous year.

“The crime rate, which was at an average of 366 cases per lakh population, has now come down to 200 cases per lakh population, owing to various steps taken by the state’s police force such as cracking down on crime syndicates, keeping close watch on repeat offenders and increased visibility and identification of hotspots,” the superintendent, CID, Assam here informed.

The case pendency has also significantly come down to 58,908 cases at the end of 2022 as against 95,994 cases at the end of 2021 and more than a lakh cases at the end of 2020.

“This will improve the investigation officer-to-case ratio and thereby enhance the quality of investigation and supervision. Further, the number of cases per investigation officer on an average has come down to 25 cases as against 52 cases at the end of 2021,” the SP, CID (Assam) informed.

Moreover, the crimes reported in the state too have come down owing to strict policing measures.

“These actions have resulted in crime prevention and the number of cases reported have come down to 69,439 at the end of 2022 as against 1, 33,239 at the end of 2021. Further, the charge-sheet percentage has also gone up to 48 percent in the year 2022 as against 39 percent in the previous year,” the SP, CID, informed.

Crime against women, children

Crimes against women have also drastically come down to 12,034 cases in 2022 as against 29,046 cases in 2021 and also against an annual average of 27,240 cases during the period 2017- 2021.

“The setting up of special cells for women in collaboration with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, coordinated approach by all stakeholders such as Assam Police, social welfare department, NGOs, labour department, health and education department besides capacity building and sensitization programmes for the state police personnel have brought down the crime rate against women,” the SP, CID said.

Moreover, crimes against children have come down to 4,306 as against 5,282 in the previous year. The number of human trafficking cases has also come down to 96 cases as against 203 in the previous year.

“This was due to the setting up of anti-human trafficking units in each district, creating a post of superintendent of police (anti-human trafficking) at CID headquarters and providing infrastructure to all the anti-human trafficking units under the Nirbhaya Fund,” the SP stated.

Cyber crimes

Cyber crimes reported in the state have also come down to 1,781 cases as against 4,846 cases in the year 2021.

“This reduction is due to prompt action on the cyber fraudsters, de-activating of SIMs and Whatsapp accounts involved in cyber frauds, round-the-clock monitoring of the social media platforms for unlawful posts and those against women and children. Further, 1930, a 24×7 cyber fraud call centre was also successful in tracing and freezing Rs 6.41 crore cyber fraud amounts pertaining to 2,177 cases with a success rate of more than 18 percent,” the SP, CID informed.

The number of murder cases have also come down compared to the previous year. Crimes against property have drastically come down from 29,113 in 2021 to 14,381 in 2022. Similarly, dacoity cases reported have also come down to 85 cases in 2022 as against 188 in 2021. “This is due to police keeping track of known criminals, history sheeters and habitual offenders,” the official said.

Assam Police was also successful in recovering more than Rs 66 crore stolen property, which is more than 58 percent recovery.

“All-out efforts against organised crimes and crime syndicates by Assam Police are continuing and a total of 2,878 cases were registered under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act in the year 2022 as against 455 cases in 2018, 828 cases in the year 2019, 980 cases in 2020 and 2,271 cases in 2021,” the SP said.

Assam Police arrested 4,691 drug traffickers, seized 112 kg of heroin, 49,000 kg of ganja, 52 lakh tablets, more than 21 lakh cough syrup bottles, 215 kg opium, etc,. in 2022.

“Co-ordinated efforts in demand reduction, supply reduction and harm reduction are on with the help of all the stakeholders. NDPS Act cases are closely supervised and followed up with timely charge sheets. The conviction percentage of NDPS Act cases in the year 2022 is around 47 percent and 26 habitual drug traffickers have been detained under the Prevention of Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (PITNDPS) Act,” the official said.

Similarly, Assam Police is also acting tough against cattle smugglers and a total of 1,181 cases have been registered, 633 vehicles seized, 1,356 smugglers arrested and 12,402 cattle rescued.

Burmese supari rackets are also being dealt with firm hands and more than 1.07 lakh kg Burmese supari have been seized in 199 cases during the year 2022.

Further, the drive against illicit liquor and smuggling of liquor is also going on in full swing and a total of 2.18 lakh litres of liquor have been seized by registering 288 cases and arresting 371 accused since the present government took over.

Traffic violators are also being dealt with a firm hand and a total of Rs. 74.53 crore fines under the Motor Vehicles Act were levied during the year 2022.

“Use of technology and forensics by Assam Police is now the focus area and lots of steps are being taken to use scientific technology/aid in investigation and to set up new regional and mobile forensic science laboratories in various parts of the state along with the upgrade of the State Forensic Science Laboratory in Guwahati,” the SP, CID said.

“Assam Police is following a two-pronged strategy of people-friendly policing on the one hand and a no-nonsense approach towards criminals on the other,” the official added.

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