Assam teen pens novel of love, relationship, identity
Author of 'Until It Rains Again' Ruchika Rashya Bhuyan

New Delhi: Young Ruchika Rashya Bhuyan always dreamt of writing a book, penning her thoughts, musings and fantasies, and at the age of 15, she became the proud author of her debut novel which talks of a teenage girl caught in a whirlpool of emotions.

Bhuyan wrote this story during a transformative period of her life, a departure from homeostasis and an open embrace of changes.

“Moving schools is one thing but moving cities requires you to adjust to two new sets of customs and habits: of the school and of the city,” she says.

“The experience was not easy and anxiety rippled at my fingertips and toes for the first few days as a new student and as a new resident in this dreamy city, Mumbai, where the story is set,” adds Bhuyan, who hails from Assam and is currently pursuing her studies in Mumbai.

Until It Rains Again‘ talks about 17-year-old Alaina who is battling with a staggering relationship, a pernicious friendship and a conventional Indian family that was perpetually at a conflict of interest with her unconventional mind.

It also touches upon the theme of LGBTQ+ rights.

For Bhuyan, writing this book was like traversing through a new tangent of emotions and experiences altogether that one creates for oneself, and traversing through that journey isn’t plain sailing.

She feels writing is not all about structuring sentences with correct grammatical framework but about being able to bring to life stories and emotions people experience but do not pay heed to.

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