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There are only a handful in this world who are blessed enough to have such quality that they are elevated from being mere mortals. Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhupen Hazarika was one such unique and blessed individual. A man in possession of such boundless imagination and captivating melody that he could ease pain and suffering with his magical voice and dreamy representation of what life can be through words. Thus, a tribute to the Bard on his 96th Birthday had to be special. It had to be heartfelt, and it had to be disarming. 

I am as thrilled as I am floored to gleefully acknowledge the fact that Abhishruti Bezbaruah, Promiti Phukan, and Lima Das pool their respective talents to come up with a rendition of one of Dr. Hazarika’s most romantic songs that will not only appeal to the sense of romance and wonder in you but would make you fall in love with the track all over again.     

Evidently, it has been Abhishruti Bezbaruah’s long cherished dream to cover this song and it shows in her rendition of it. She was able to grasp my attention with her voice and the emotions that she was able to radiate through the song. I completely forgot to judge her voice quality or any other such things within moments of my initiation into the song. The melody appealed to the die-hard romantic in me, and due credit must be given to Abhishruti for recreating the song in such a way that it has a whole new kind of appeal that I feel will have takers among the young generation. 

Abhishruti Bezbaruah

While any comparisons with the original will be blasphemous, I have seen covers of great songs destroyed by artists who try to bring in their own take on the creations. Abhishruti tries no such things. What she tries and succeeds in is digging deep, finding the sense of romance that Dr. Hazarika was trying to channel through the song, and bringing it out to the best of her abilities. For me, her rendition succeeded in doing exactly that. It was not just the melody but also the mannerism and the performance that Abhishruti brought to her visual representation of the song that added a lot to the overall charm of it. 

One must give due credit to Samujjal Kashyap, the man behind numerous outstanding short films, for his spot-on direction of these sequences that organically complement the song. There isn’t a lot happening here but that never proves to be a problem for sustaining the interest of the audience in the visual aspects of the song. I loved how Samujjal edited his sequences to complement the beats of the melody in many parts. It is an aspect of the video that would definitely contribute to increased audience engagement as it is something that appeals to the human brain at a subconscious level.  

Asutosh Kashyap is fast becoming synonymous with quality camera work in the region, and he once again does a great job of creating two very different visual palettes but keeping a synergy between the two using a variety of techniques and a little help from the editor and the embedded song. I loved his usage of the reflections that he so wonderfully used to portray Promiti Phukan doing her magic on the piano.

Promiti Phukan

Speaking of Promiti Phukan, I just loved how she complimented the song with her piano. I am in no way an expert in music, but I know when I love to hear something and try to decipher the reasons behind why I am loving a certain thing so much. In this case, her tune complemented the track so beautifully and felt so much in sync with the mood and feel of it that it felt as if this was how this song was envisioned to be played out. I have heard the original version of the song and that just makes me appreciate the finesse and artistry that Promiti brought to the track even more. I wish we hear a lot more from her in the future. Oh! before I forget, she has a lovely screen presence too. 

Lima Das

Lima Das choreographed her own performance and she turns in a performance that will be atleast partially intelligible to many who don’t understand the A, B, C of dance like me. This not only compounded the impact of the song that finds form and structure through her subtle moves and sways with her gestures and lucid movements but also presents itself in a quantifiable form that can be seen, touched, and felt. Words and emotions take shape through her gestures. These are so wonderfully captured that they ooze with sensuality, vitality, meaning, and poignance. Only Lima Das could have been so many things embodied at the same time. For all that and more, she deserves all the praise in the world. I would also like to congratulate Amitabh Barooa for doing what he did with the Saxophone and Keys. They added so much more to the song and never felt out of place.

“Bimurto Mur Nixati Jen” cover is a heartfelt tribute to the spirit of love and romance immortalized by the “Bard of Brahmaputra”. This song will appeal to you at different levels and will remind you of what a genius Dr. Bhupen Hazarika was and how relevant he still is in this day and age. He is immortal and timeless like the feeling of romance that peeps through all the drudgery and struggles in our lives and reminds us often, how beautiful life can be. I urge my readers to give this song a try and bask in the glory of the Bard albeit in a contemporary fashion.

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