Gorkhas are Aboriginal Himalayan Community: Harka Bahadur Chetry 
GACDC Chairman Gold medalist Anthropologist Harka Bahadur Chetry

Communities residing in the Himalayan mountain range are aborigines and should be seen like any other indigenous community, said Harka Bahadur Chetry, chairman of the Gorkha Autonomous Council Demand Committee (GACDC).

Speaking as the Keynote Speaker at ‘208th Bhanu Jayanti and Bishesh Abhinandan Samaroh’, Chetry said, “Himalayan communities are an evolution of Sivapithecus or Ramapithecus one of the stages of evolution of Homo Erectus which later lead to the formation of Homo Sapiens – today’s human.”

Gorkhas mourn for 1 minute for all the know and unknown martyrs as a protocal in respect of supreme sacrifices made. 

Explaining further, Chetry said, “Himalayan communities like Mikir (Karbis), all the Naga tribes, Mizos (Lushai), Lalungs (Tiwa), Miri (Mishings), Mompas, Apatani, Gorkhas ( a conglomerate of Khas and Kirats) and others are descendants of Homo Erectus. The Khas Kirat communities of the Himalayan mountain range are the aborigines and direct descendants of Ramapithecus or Sivapithecus found in anthropological studies.”

Chhetri, who is a gold medallist in anthropology from Dibrugarh University, is also the founder and president of the Gorkha Autonomous Council Demand Committee (GACDC). He had undertaken a 650-km foot march from Murkungselek Jonai in the Dhemaji district to Dispur in Guwahati, demanding Assamese identity and indigenous status for Gorkhas.

Meeting in progress

Welcoming the decision to award indigenous status to four Assamese Muslim communities, Chetry said Gorkhas are no less indigenous than any other community in Assam, so the Government of Assam should immediately declare Gorkhas as an indigenous community of Assam. 

The government should also address the 2-decade-long demand of the Gorkha Autonomous Council (GAC) and create it soon, said Chetry, adding that the ‘Raithaney Sangram’ (Indigenous Movement) bilateral talks with the Government of Assam were on hold and that they will for resumption of talks democratically again since Gorkhas have again been ignored. 

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