Suicide case: Accused Samsullah's wife alleges harassment, questions selective action

Tinsukia: The wife of Samsullah Khan, one of the accused in the suicide case of Vineet Bagaria, has alleged harassment meted out to her family and questioned selective action by the police.

“Why is the entire focus on Baidullah Khan?” she questioned, adding, “Vineet Bagaria, in his statement, had named Sanjay Sharma as the mastermind. “Why Sharma has not been arrested and no action on his house?”

She also questioned why only Baidullah Khan is being targeted. “He (Samsullah) does not have terms with Baidullah over the past 7-8 years. He is staying in a different house with his wife. Why are they coming to our home and harassing us, taking his name? We have kids and senior citizens staying at home.” 

Brothers Samsullah Khan and Baidullah Khan have been arrested by Dibrugarh police along with one Nishant Sharma. However, a week after the sensational suicide case that rocked Assam, compelling chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and Director General of Police Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta to meet the grief-stricken family at their residence, Sanjay Sharma remains at large.

Expressing deep regret and pain in the murder of Bagaria, she said the incident should never have happened. “But, then, why harass our family?” she asked.

She said their house at Ghormoria has been demolished because it had been ‘illegally constructed’. “We did not receive notice dated July 8 till now. My father-in-law was there at the residence with my younger son throughout till 7.30 pm on Monday. It’s only between 11.30 pm and 12 midnight that one of our neighbours, a senior citizen, called my father-in-law to inform him about the notice.”

“He decided to collect it in the morning as it was late in the night. But the house was already demolished by then,” She said, “Why were we not given time genuinely?”

On social media, several citizens have denounced this form of justice.

One Debajit (@chaklamme) wrote on Twitter: Have to wonder what kind of justice this is for the deceased.

“A unique way of giving punishment to accused in history of modern India, punishment should have been subjective, generalising it to the whole family sounds injustice and unethical, feel pity for rest family members who are not related to the incident but sharing the punishment part equally. And if such punishment is to be given to the accused and then uniformly applied to the rest accuse, though I condemn the criminals of any form or race but let law take its own established course of action provided under Indian judiciary system,” one Krishna Welly Bakha wrote on Facebook.

Earlier, Kailash Bagaria told this correspondent that he demands justice for his son and it can be done only after all the errant officials are punished. “The transfer of OC of Dibrugarh police is merely an eyewash. The police need to answer why did not they register my complaint and provide us protection. Why did senior officers like the deputy commissioner and superintendent of police, Dibrugarh not act even after hearing the threatening recording which I sent them over WhatsApp? Why?”

On July 7, Vineet, 32, a renowned animal lover allegedly hanged himself and made a purported video where he said that he and his family members are being threatened and he cannot take this stress anymore. He mentioned Sanjay Sharma as the mastermind and named another accomplice of Sharma in the video. 

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