Kaushik Guha is a ‘man on a mission’ as he embarked on a new journey with his bicycle in January this year to protect Guwahati city’s green cover. Guha has taken up the cudgel of planting saplings daily at different locations across the city, riding his bicycle.

The 40-year-old expressed concern over the rampant felling of trees and the rising pollution level in the city. He said: “I am appalled to witness that the Guwahati city is rapidly losing its tree cover. This has prompted me to contribute something in my way to mitigate the ill effects of cutting down trees.”

On being asked about his travel companion, Kaushik said, “I am a fitness enthusiast and have been cycling every morning for the last few years. So choosing the bicycle to travel to different locations to plant the saplings seemed the most practical way.”

He hopes that such initiatives will motivate more and more people to plant trees in a bid to protect the environment from degradation. Mostly, he has been spending money from his pocket to buy saplings.

He said that some of his friends have also been actively supporting him to procure the saplings, dig the soil and also ride with him to various locations around the city. He has received tremendous support from his wife and son, who often accompany him on their cycles, to plant the trees. To document his efforts, his friends created a Facebook page called Cyclo-a-plant, where they upload his photos daily.

Kaushik also lamented that due to limited resources, he has been unable to provide any protective fencing around the saplings. However, to overcome the problem, he worked with the locals and sought their help in taking care of the saplings. Most of the locals extended support and assured him to take care of the plants in every possible way.

Even though he has not set any target for himself, Kaushik said: “I am not done yet, and I intend to go on as long as I receive peoples’ support, even if it is from one person.”

It is hoped that with proper love and care from the local people and the initiative of people like Kaushik Guha, the fast depleting green cover of the city can be controlled to a large extent.

April 10 marked the 100th day of his mission, and the day was celebrated by members of various cycling and fitness groups of Guwahati by planting 100+ saplings along the north bank of river Basistha near Dakhingaon (Kanaklata) cycling track.

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