Guwahati: In the time of bitcoins, saving a few coins daily may seem like a mere drop in the ocean to most people, but a daily wager from Assam proved it otherwise as he actually realised his dream of buying a two-wheeler with his small savings.

The incident took place here when daily wager Upen Roy bought his dream two wheeler on April 5 with coins he had saved for the past eight years.

Roy’s small savings were really small, even Re 1 and Rs 2 coins to Rs 10 coins and a few days ago he found to his surprise that he had amassed Rs 1.35 lakh in his kitty.

”I realised that my dream to own a scooter to make mine and my family’s life easier will be possible with the coins I had saved. Earlier this week, my wife and I went with the savings in several bags to a nearby two wheeler showroom,” Roy said on Friday.

The effort was not without its pitfalls as the showroom’s executives were taken aback by the sight of the bags of coins given to them and the manager was hesitant to sell Roy a vehicle in exchange of it.

”But the look of hope on the couple’s face and the man’s tenacity to save made us look for ways to ensure that he owns a two-wheeler,” the showroom owner Manish Poddar said.

”We first approached banks to find out if they will accept coins of the value of Rs 1.35 lakh but they declined. We then approached nearby vendors and they came forward willingly to exchange the coins for currency notes. There was no problem after that and we went ahead with the paperwork to ensure that Roy becomes a proud owner of a two wheeler,” Poddar said.

The price of the scooter was Rs 89,000 and the total bill was a little over Rs 92,000, including the mandatory insurance and prices of accessories.

Roy, a resident of the city’s west Boragaon area, said that he was happy that his dream of owning a scooter was realised and he will continue with his habit to save coins for a rainy day.

Another such incident had taken place in February this year when a man, a vegetable vendor, made the down payment for a two wheeler with coins in Barpeta town.

Hafizur Akhand had attended a promotional event of a showroom and had told its owner that he was interested in buying a scooter and was saving up in coins for the last one year.

The showroom owner had asked him to bring them and one day he went to him with a sack full of coins.

Akhand had made a down payment of Rs 22,000 with the coins and the video of the counting and the subsequent purchase of a scooter by him was uploaded in the social media by Youtuber Hirak J Das, who was informed of the incident by an employee of the showroom.

The video had gone viral and Akhand’s desire to own a scooter by saving coins was much appreciated by viewers who posted their comments.

The two were not the only ones who fulfilled their dreams this way. In March Bhoopathi, a 29-year-old Youtuber from Salem in Tamil Nadu, had paid in Re 1 coins for his dream bike of Rs 2.5 lakh.

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