In a bizarre turn of events, a goat in southern Assam’s Cachar district gave birth to a ‘humanoid’ kid, raising curiosity among villagers, many of whom took it as superficial.

The news soon became viral in the state and nearly all local media reported the same. The incident was reported at Shankar Das’ residence in Nandubasti under Gangapur in Cachar district’s Dholai constituency on Sunday. 

The human-faced goat’s forehead, eyes, mouth and other parts of the body resembled a human offspring. It was born with two limbs and no tail.

The goat offspring was stillborn, but it surprised many in the area. After hearing the news, the village people thronged to Shankar Das’ residence to see the baby goat.

Minutes after, the mother goat gave birth to another calf, which turned out to be normal. The former one was later buried underground by the owner. 

There are other such instances recorded from different parts of India where animals gave birth to young ones, which resemble human morphology. In some cases, people act superstitiously and start worshipping.

“Earlier this year (May/June, 2021), one such deformed goat was born in a village in Gujarat, at which, local people started worshipping and gave puja offerings to the man-faced baby goat,” shared Assam University’s  ecology department professor Dr Parthankar Choudhury.

Some people in Silchar believed this was perhaps due to human-animal intercourse, which in fact, is untrue as man and goat belong to a different genus.

“Humanoid kid of goats is a case of congenital deformity. This type of congenital disability in goats, cattle etc is known as ‘Fetal Anasartha’ (or Anasarca). Under such a situation, the developing embryo in the mother’s womb accumulates fluid in different parts and organs of the body including the face,” Dr Choudhury told EastMojo.

In this case, the face and limbs of the fetus swell up and give the developing goat/cattle embryo a human infant-like appearance.

“Fetal Anasartha (anasarca) is one of the many birth defects found in the mammals, and therefore, there is no room to accommodate any type of supernatural act or superstitious belief once such unusual incidents are reported,” asserted Dr Choudhury.

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  1. Someone must have sexually abused that goat and it gave birth to that humangoat🤣🙌. Indians can do anything

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