Pets are, in many ways, the perfect companion and we do not deny them any good. We care for them, treat them like we would our kids, and take them almost everywhere we go. Taking good care of our pets has become more than just a hobby. It has become a responsibility. More and more pet owners are concerning themselves with the ingredients of their pet food and treats. In recent years, we’ve seen entrepreneurs across the country venturing into the pet bakeries and café business. Guwahati-based Jayashree B Das and her husband Anweshak Das, founders of a specialty pet bakeryMaggiely Ever After, The Pawfect Barkeryare winning hearts since its inception for their innovative and top quality bakes, made using all-natural ingredients with no chemical preservatives.

This unique venture was borne out of the couple’s genuine love for pets and the passion to care for and nourish these pets. Whether it’s canines, felines, fish or birds, every creature deserves love. “Both my husband and I felt the need and also had the desire to do something for fur babies. Be it a pet barkery, a pet spa or a good grooming centre, a pet pool or a small pet park for that matter. But these ideas were only cropping up in our minds. Things eventually saw the light of day through a phone call from a dear friend Upasana Saikia of the Vanilla Bloom fame.

“She was aware of the fact that I bake pup cakes for the birthdays of my pets and also for my friends’ pets. She motivated me to go ahead with this idea of baking pet-friendly cakes for fur babies. She gave the required push and told me about the potential demand for such cakes in the coming times and this is how Maggiely Ever After, the Pawfect Barkery happened,” Jayashree explains.

The venture is named after their first pet Maggie. “We lost her to a sudden cardiac arrest during the first Covid-19 pandemic. We opened this venture on her birthday, the 28th of July, in her loving memory, who was more of a daughter to us. We have her photo in our logo of Maggiely Ever After, the Pawfect Barkery,” she adds.

According to the couple, in order to find the perfect recipe and method of preparing the meals without accidents, they take pet allergies into consideration. They first carry out a comprehensive analysis of the information gotten from the pet owners before putting together a special treat, custom made for that pet.

The duo also carries out extensive research on the individual ingredients used in the preparation to ensure each meal is pup friendly. They do this by consulting experienced vets and studying literary materials on pet care.

Jayashree says that she zeroed down to the flours that they would be using for the pupcakes. “We mostly use almond flour and oats flour. We do not use baking soda or baking powder in our cakes. Refined sugar is a big no, so we extract sweet flavours from veggies and fruits. We use coconut oil as it’s good for a healthy coat and skin for pets, and refrain from using artificial colours. These are certain basic pet friendly and pup safe options we have,” she notes.

As of now, they are only concentrating on pup cakes. “We researched and found out the pet friendly ingredients and what pets would love to have as treats. And eventually we developed our menu. Some of the pup cake choices we have in the menu are Newton’s Treat (a fruity delight of apples and bananas), Sweet Bunny (sweet potato and carrots making a veggie paradise), Badami Pumpkin (smooth peanut butter with mashed pumpkin), Going Nuts over Berries (tongue-licking mix of blueberries and strawberries), and our most popular pupcake Heavenly Meat (keema chicken/ keema mutton oven roasted with oats and carrots).

“We also have five pup safe frosting choices. They are Peanut Butter, Greek Yogurt, Mashed Potato, Cottage Cheese and Cream Cheese. We also deliver cakes in different shapes like bone shaped and paw shaped among others,” Anweshak informs, speaking on their curated menu.

Speaking on making changes to their menus and recipes as a result of several customer reviews, the couple says it is still too early to tell as they only opened their doors in July 2021. Till now the feedbacks received so far are affirmative.

These entrepreneurs dedicated to providing tasty treats for pets are only fueled by one thing; love, both for the pets and their owners. They plan to expand their venture in the coming years to include a physical dog cafe. They are also looking to introduce dog treats on their menu. “After an inquiry of a fish pupcake for a pet that loves fish, we are planning to introduce a fish pupcake. It will be named after the pet that enquired; i.e. Goofy. So this fishcake would be called ‘Something’s Goofy’ instead of Something’s Fishy,” Anweshak says.

The years ahead are looking good for this startup. Canines, felines and other pets can kiss boring meals and treats goodbye as something new is taking over. Dog bows are also on the to-do list of their accessories’ collection. These bows are unique as they are made from traditional fabrics and motifs of Northeastern states, and are sure to be a favourite across the region and beyond.

Maggiely Ever After, the Pawfect Barkery is on Facebook

To order, connect at 070860 55582

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