Assam CM Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma today inaugurated two Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulances donated by Abu Dhabi-based Assamese businessman Vedanta Baruah. The initiative was taken by Dr. Bhaskar Gogoi, a social activist, who was in the news for arranging plasma for Covid 19 patients during the complete lockdown last year.

Due to the lack of ALS ambulances in Upper Assam, transportation of seriously ill patients for higher treatment gets hampered. Upper Assam will be greatly benefited because of these two ALS ambulances which will be run by Assam Medical College in upper Assam and most parts of Arunachal Pradesh.

Dr. Bhaskar Gogoi approached Abu Dhabi-based businessman Vedanta Baruah, a golden visa holder who hails from Dibrugarh, Assam, last month for some support in his endeavour to provide relief to patients and requested for Advanced Life Support ambulances for Assam Medical College. Vedanta Baruah’s father Late Dr. Ganesh Chandra Baruah was a former Principal, Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh. Vedanta Baruah readily agreed to donate two Advanced Life Support ambulances to Assam Medical College at a cost of Rs 63 lakh.

Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, CM, Assam said, “These ambulances will help people of Assam tremendously. I am thankful to Vedanta Baruah for coming forward for this noble cause in these trying times.”

Dibrugarh-based Dr. Bhaskar Gogoi shared, “Many critically ill people lose their lives before they reach hospital during transportation for advanced treatment. The ALS ambulances will bring relief to those patients who need it the most. We hope to add more such ambulances in the future. I would like to thank Vedanta Baruah for his selfless help to humanity. In spite of living in Abu Dhabi and successfully running his business there, his eagerness to do something for Assam is really commendable. I have been trying to help patients in whatever way I can, but with my limited resource, I can help only to a certain extent. I hope more people like Vedanta Baruah will come forward to join hands in our endeavour to provide better medical facilities in Assam and help the people.”

Vedanta Baruah is the CEO and shareholder of Berns Brett Masood Insurance LLC, which has offices in UAE, UK, EU, and India and partnerships worldwide and operates globally. A visionary business leader, Vedanta Baruah became the first Assamese to be awarded a Golden Visa in the Investors category granted by the Department of Economic Development, Abu Dhabi, UAE.  He visits Assam every year at least twice. He also actively works for the welfare of Assamese diasporas in UAE.

“I am an Assamese by heart and connected to my roots. My father worked in Assam Medical College, so the connection with AMC goes back to who I am and my childhood. Growing up, I watched my wonderful parents dedicating their lives to supporting Assam and whilst I don’t live here now, it’s where my heart is, so giving back to society and championing my community just feels like the right thing. Though my father is no longer here, I feel a tremendous pride in celebrating his life and his years of service and duty by donating these ambulances in his name and doing something positive for AMC and Assam as a whole. Dr. Bhaskar Gogoi is a great friend of mine and a powerful force for good in Assam and India as a whole. His noble endeavour and this initiative is just an example of what we can achieve if we work together for society as a whole. I am committed to try my best to do something good for Assam in my capacity in the future too,” says Baruah.

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