Assam: How Nagaon Police is cracking the whip on helmet-less riders

Tinsukia: With the slogan ‘Just one helmet can decide your life and death on road’, the Nagaon police in Assam have launched a massive drive against two-wheeler riders without helmets.

As part of the drive, the police have collected Rs 11.50 lakh as fine in just 10 days.

Traffic violators in Nagaon gather to pay fines for not wearing helmets

Meanwhile, in a bid to motivate two-wheeler riders to follow traffic rules, besides penalising them, the district police department has come up with creative banners and catchy jingles to spread awareness.

Two of them widely circulated on various social media platforms read: “Helmet is costly but brain is priceless” and “If you got a head, you need a helmet”.

Two of the creative banners issued by Nagaon police for social media platforms

“The people should see the men in uniform standing on the road as their guardian who are there to protect them,” Nagaon SP Anand Mishra told EastMojo.

Appealing riders, mainly youths, to respect the law, Mishra said, “I see at least one youth dying on the road every day in Nagaon. In most of the cases, the death could have been avoided, if the rider would have worn a helmet. You are not alone, you have loved ones at home waiting for you. You should be careful and always wear a helmet while riding a two-wheeler.”

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The family members feel the police are there on the road to save their loved ones, said Mishra. “It may be your choice not to wear a helmet but it is the duty of the police to make you wear one. Respect the law, else be prepared to face it,” he added.

Nagaon police during a drive to put a check of traffic violators

Earlier, Mishra had tweeted: “Requesting families not to allow any of your members to go out with a Bike / Scooty without wearing a Proper Helmet. We know you Love them, please show it in action. Don’t argue, Death will not listen to any Excuse or Reason, Save their Lives please 🙏🏻”

In the last 10 days, the police have booked over 1,150 cases against two-wheeler riders for not wearing helmets in Nagaon district alone.

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