The availability of food remains difficult for stray animals with lockdown-like restrictions in Guwahati. These animals mostly depend on small roadside eateries for food and water or are just left to fend for themselves.

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, Ashma Begum, a Guwahati-based social worker, became the saviour for these animals by feeding them every day since the first lockdown in 2020. By covering various areas in the city like Chitrachal Hill, Basistha Temple, Kamakhya Temple, Ugratara Temple, Bharalumukh, Chandmari and Uzanbazar, she ensures that she feeds as many stray dogs and monkeys as possible.

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Speaking to EastMojo, Ashma Begum said that she developed a special bond with the animals. “ It feels like I haven’t fed my own kids if a day goes by without feeding them. As humans, we can stock up our food during a lockdown, but these voiceless animals have no one to stock up their food. Naturally, if they are starving, these animals will interfere with human activities. So, that’s why I started feeding them since the first lockdown in 2020.” she said.

Ashma’s work earned laurels when people discovered her work. She appealed to the people to come forward to operate in their respective surroundings and conduct feeding drives for the strays.

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