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Nothing can quite compare with the feeling of frustration and exhaustion as you mentally juggle between the various tasks you have to complete on a warm Saturday morning. Absolutely nothing! You may even begin to feel a little physical strain even before you lift a finger to begin. As you lay there sprawled on your bedroom floor, you make a mental list of all the things you had hoped to achieve the day before. Repair the leaking sink in your kitchen, replace a blown-out fuse, find a solution to the growing pest problem in your yard, the list may seem inexhaustible.

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Worse still, you have to accomplish them before your evening hangout with some friends and colleagues, and you fancy a total makeup session, so you don’t look out of place. Confused and frustrated, you lay there. Motionless. Quiet. Your brain works tirelessly to find a way out. The faint sound of water drops coming from your kitchen fill the background of your mind as you think.

What if you could have experts come to your home and offer these services without undergoing unnecessary stress? It really is that easy. As digital evolution becomes more momentous, e-service has become almost inevitable. This evolution has been a long time coming, slowly cooking in the back burners, growing, and now, it is steadily taking over. Homes across India now rely on tech and applications that connect them to artisans and other services for fixing things around the house, general cleaning, or even any form of beauty services.

QuickGhy is one of the leading players in the e-services industry. Run by co-founders Drishti Medhi and Gaurav Medhi, this home service startup offers a solution to your home needs. If you are moving into a new house, and you need a couple of home services, like ac fitting technician, electrician, deep cleaning, sanitization, plumber, floor polishing etc, you need not run here and there in search of a solution, but avail everything under one platform – QuickGhy.

“QuickGhy as a venture was my elder brother Gaurav Medhi’s brainchild. Back in 2017, he started with establishing the company, but it became fully official in 2019. All the nitty-gritty involved in building the foundation of the organisation is owed to my brother. QuickGhy is one of the prominent startups from Guwahati with a vision to make service accessible for everyone. From an idea to building teams, hiring people, understanding the roadmap and operating in the market, QG has had a good development since 2017,” Drishti says, giving an insight into how it all began.

For these committed entrepreneurs, the journey didn’t start today, or even with them, for that matter. Coming from a business family, the values needed to succeed in business had for so long been instilled into them, till it became second nature. Little wonder, they took to the business like a duck to water. Although their startup is barely two years, it has achieved so much already. There are several reasons for this success. Drishti accredits this to a few distinguishing factors that have set them apart from other e-service platforms.

“QuickGhy as a brand identifies itself as a sustainable service chain. With each service, we take a sustainable approach to create a unique experience not just for the customers but also the service partners and the environment. QuickGhy solves the problem of accessibility of services in Assam by allowing service partners to get onboard on the application called QG DAKSHA and users to find services available near them. Additionally, the app also takes corporate enquiry for the requirement of services, and the team customises it accordingly,” she says.

The initial investment of QuickGhy was Rs 3 lakh, and the current revenue generation model of the startup is mostly commission, with few other additional factors into consideration.

With the launch of their new app, QG DAKSHA, the venture has been better equipped to be more impactful to the home needs of people in Assam. The app can be accessed by anyone because of the regional language facilities, whether it’s English, Assamese, Hindi, Bengali, or Bodo; a true versatile venture.

Talking about the hiring process, Drishti says, “A service partner with necessary skills relevant to the market needs can register themselves on the application. Post verification from the CCTNS system and the admin team, they are onboarded as a service partner at QuickGhy. For skills, QuickGhy is in partnership with the Assam Skill Development Mission that allows the company to get anyone necessary certified training in several categories across training centres.”

For QuickGhy, two major watchwords exist; teamwork and hospitality. The goal is to make the customer as comfortable as possible and ensure getting the service they want is seamless and fast. Apart from having their team on standby 24 hours of every day, there is a customer care line that customers can call for inquiries and complaints. This helpline also helps to offer customization for customers who intend to personalise certain services. Several thousands of customers and service providers can attest to the excellent customer service they have received since inception.

The young entrepreneur gives a sneak peek into some of their plans. “QuickGhy has some exciting new projects coming up in the lifestyle category as well as in the technical developments. We are optimistic we are going to be one of North East India’s most experienced home-based service providers with some of these plans, and we look forward to sharing them with everyone very soon.

As a result of its innovative approach and potential, the company is currently incubated under Assam Startup; The Nest, and IIM Calcutta Innovation Park. QuickGhy has established itself as one of the most promising startups in Guwahati. With plans of growth, it is only expected that the company will continue to serve as a solid bridge between those who offer services and those who need them, as well as breaking new grounds to make life easier and a little less stressful.

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