After the end of a high-powered election campaign and voting season, the number of COVID-19 cases in the state is now gradually rising. Any speculations on a possible Assam lockdown, however, were put to rest by Assam’s health minister on Thursday.

The state reported 195 cases on Wednesday, more than double the count of 92 cases recorded on Tuesday. Putting an end to lockdown speculations, Assam health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Thursday clarified there will be no lockdown in the state, even as states across the country have already started imposing restrictions.

While Delhi, UP and Madhya Pradesh announced fresh lockdowns in view of the massive surge in COVID-19 cases, Sarma ruled out the possibility of any lockdown or night curfew in Assam ahead of Bihu celebrations.

The health minister appealed to the people of Assam to get themselves tested in case there are any symptoms.  

But, going by our not-so-pleasant lockdown experiences from 2020, and considering the possibility of another lockdown in Guwahati, which reported 116 cases yesterday, EastMojo has prepared a non-exhaustive list of items/things you should be ready with, just in case:

1. Dry food items

The most important item to stock up on is dry food items like pulses. Ask why? Because they do not get spoilt easily, unlike fruits, vegetables, and eggs. They make nutritious curries, healthy sprouts and can be used for fun evening snack as well.

2. Ready-to-eat meals

Cooking during a lockdown can be exhaustive. Also, food delivery services will likely take a back seat again! So be prepared, and get some ready-to-eat meals to save your day. From a light breakfast option, to rice and curry combos, they cover all the meals.

3. Ice-cream

We Indians have a sweet tooth that can’t be ignored. Getting fresh sweets might be a task in case of a lockdown. So get some ice-creams boxed for your binge watching sessions.

4. Netflix/Amazon Prime subscription

There is no scope of going out for non-essential travels during lockdown/curfew. No movies, no parties, no social gatherings. In order to pass your time, make sure you’ve all your OTT subscriptions in place.

5. Get your health checkup before hand

Don’t wait for a toothache to go see a dentist. Fix appointments beforehand, and keep up on the health front.

6. Go visit your friends/family

In case of a sudden lockdown, you will miss the chance to visit your near and dear ones. Plan a quick getaway, or visit your parents/grandparents this weekend. Don’t wait for a festive season to get together with the people you love.

7. Fitness equipment

Lockdown is a boon and a bane at the same time. While you might get to eat home-cooked meals all the time, the constant sitting or lying down may contribute to a couple of extra kilos. So set a fitness goal and keep basic workout/yoga equipment ready with you.

8. Work station

Lockdown means work from home. Sitting on one chair all day long, or sitting on bed to get your work done is a strict no-no. Get your work station up-to-date with a table of optimal height and a chair that provides accurate back support.

9. Medications

Even though essential services like medical shops will remain open, don’t wait for yourself to get a headache to go buy Disprin. Prepare a basic medicine kit and don’t forget to stock sanitary napkins.

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