Popular Assamese singer and composer Joi Barua’s music is now a part of the Cannes ‘best soundtrack’ award-winning animated movie ‘Fantasy of Companionship between Human and Inanimate’.

The singer took to Facebook to announce the news. He wrote, “The Fantasy of Companionship between Human & Inanimate – the animation film which has our songs played by the London Symphony Orchestra and the London Voices, wins the award for the Best Soundtrack at the Cannes World Film Festival”

Joi Barua composed the song, “New Song Order”, which is a part of the sci-fi style movie. The composition was played by 78 members of the London Symphony Orchestra, accompanied by 26 members of London Voices.

The movie swept a number of awards at the Cannes Film Festival including an award for Best Animation Film, Best Family Children Film, Best Sci-fi Film, Best Trailer, Best New Wave Filmmaker, Best Producer, Best Original Story, Best Sound Design, Best Soundtrack and Best Visual Effects.

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