Vikrant Singh, IIT-G student
Vikrant Singh, IIT-G student

Vikrant Singh, the IIT-Guwahati student who was expelled last Wednesday over a Facebook post he made last year, has responded to the institute’s claims and allegations against him.

EastMojo reached out to both Vikrant Singh and IIT-Guwahati for their respective views and statements on the issue.

The institute, in their statement, alleged that the “social media post was defamatory, factually incorrect and posted with an intention solely to defame the institute.”

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Their statement says that the violation for which Singh is being kept under expulsion for an entire semester has been investigated carefully by the students’ disciplinary committee, which had multiple meetings and “took a decision only after detailed deliberations.”

The institute has alleged that Singh has been threatening several faculty members through letters and emails having “objectionable and derogatory language.” Their statement also says that Singh has been “instigating students” to indulge in strikes on campus and that he has brought defamatory practices to the IIT-Guwahati campus.

IIT-Guwahati has stated that Vikrant was repeatedly warned by the Disciplinary Committee and that he was expelled after a thorough review of all recorded cases in the past and not just due to one incident.

“All these accusations are absolutely baseless and we request you as a mature media professional and senior reporter not to sensationalize such misrepresentations and factually incorrect news reports,” read the statement by IIT Guwahati.

EastMojo reached out to Vikrant Singh for a response against the allegations. Singh says he has sent a representation to the institute and asked them to revoke the expulsion letter.

Singh has also asked to initiate disciplinary proceedings against one professor, T G Sitharam, for “misusing his position and abusing his authority to victimise me (Vikrant Singh) and for his indulgence in various cases of corruption.”

Singh has demanded similar action against Dr Gaurav Trivedi from the same institute. He alleges that Trivedi has been conspiring against him and making various false allegations against him.

Singh received the notice of his expulsion, dated 10 March 2021, which mentions that no appeal will be entertained further. Despite this, he has sent his representation to the Board of Governors of IIT-Guwahati, Ministry of Education, and the President of India and his secretary.

Responding to the institute’s allegations against him about sending threatening letters, Singh said that there is no mention of such letters in the disciplinary case diary.

Singh says he did come to know about these letters being sent through Indian Post and sent an email to the Institute director, asking him to inform everyone in the Institute that the letters were not from him.

Singh says he “strongly believes” that the letters were sent out by Dr Gaurav Trivedi from the institute. He said he also filed a complaint again Trivedi, but no action has been taken till date.

In the expulsion order, IIT-G said that Singh had not selected his supervisor, even after his former supervisor was given compulsory retirement.

However, Singh claims that he submitted his Thesis Supervisor Preference form to the department office in the second week of March 2020. But the Head of the Department had asked him to re-submit it since his supervisor preference form was “misplaced”.

He also sent a series of emails to the institute in 2021, informing them that he still does not have a supervisor and that he hasn’t received his fellowship since October 2020.

Singh says that since his supervisor’s retirement on January 1, 2020, he hasn’t been allotted a research guide even though his thesis was up for submission in March.

In his representation sent to the Board of Governors, Singh claims that the institute director forced him to change his guide but haven’t signed the form since.

Singh also says that his registration in the institute remains pending even though he has followed all registration processes, deposited the registration fee, and completed his course registration on time.

In 2020, Vikrant Singh, along with a few more students, sat on a hunger strike protesting his mentor and supervisor Brijesh Rai’s compulsory retirement. One of those students who participated in the hunger strike was also expelled from the institute a week ago.

“By the facts presented above, it is crystal clear that IIT-Guwahati PRO, by the order of IIT-Guwahati director Prof. T G Sitharam, is giving false information to media to defame me and further victimize me,” wrote Vikrant Singh in his response to IIT-Guwahati expelling him.

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