Joyshri Daimary, Delivery Centre Head in Guwahati | PC: Ecom Express

Guwahati: Paving the way for women in the otherwise male-dominated industry of logistics, Ecom Express, a leading technology-enabled logistics provider plans on increasing its female staff in Northeast India by at least 15 per cent in the next one year. 

The company is undertaking bulk-hiring across the country, and its Northeast targets are quite hopeful to increase diversity in the workplace. 

Speaking with EastMojo, Saurabh Deep Singla, EVP and CHRO, Ecom Express said “We are looking to increase 15 per cent women staff in the Northeast region in the next one year and eventually increase it to 30 per cent over 3 years.”

Wangkhem Hannah Devi works as a field delivery executive in Imphal, Manipur | PC: Ecom Express

Lauding the women’s workforce from this part of the country, he said, “Currently, the company has the healthiest male-to-female employee ratio from Northeast.”

Singla said, “We are proud of the work of our women employees at our North East offices, leading Distribution Centers and Hubs, and working as delivery associates, thus proving that women can do any job, through their grit, determination and commitment.”

Committed to increasing diversity at the workplace, the logistics company has also announced multiple hiring for women supervisor roles, targeting a diversity ratio of 50 per cent in the morning batch. Further, it plans on employing women for night shifts and is currently looking at the legal aspects.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Ecom also launched a 24X7 dedicated women’s helpline called ‘Saheli’ to address grievances. Currently, a pilot version is functional in Haryana. The multi-lingual helpline number will be available across India in a month.

The company also has a good number of female delivery persons in the Northeast. And says, women of Northeast have taken up all roles, from supervisors to end mile delivery persons, they set an example for the rest of the country. 

On safety provisions for female delivery persons, Singla said,

we provide basic self-defence training to them. And irrespective of gender, the company’s mobile app used by the company has an SOS button. Also, keeping safety in mind, we don’t send women on risky delivery routes, he added.

He reiterated the company’s stance on trying to hold its current populace of female employees. 

In February 2016, Dipika Gupta joined Ecom Express’s Tezpur facility but quit the job in 2018 due to her mother’s medical condition. Six months later, the company contacted her and she joined the company’s Delivery Centre (DC) in Guwahati as a Customer Service Executive. During that period, there was a manpower crunch at the DC and she was allowed to step in as the acting DC Head to manage the backlogs. Gupta took up the task sportingly and seeing her grit and determination, the company promoted her as the DC Head.

Another example is Joyshri Daimary, who heads the Ecom Express DC at Gotanagar-Maligaon in Guwahati. She joined as a supervisor in 2018 and in March 2020, she was promoted as the DC Head.

Manipur’s Ragitha Chongtham Devi, a resident of Patsoi village serves as a field executive. Working as a delivery executive in the field has its challenges but she feels that the challenges are worth it and helps her be independent while supporting her family.

Further, the company is empowering women across India by undertaking several women-led initiatives like ‘The Reignite Program’ which caters to women who were on long sabbaticals to come back to work. There are mentoring programs to help them quickly assimilate into the organisation environment. 

Moreover, Ecom Express team regularly audits worksites to help improve existing facilities for female employees. Singla said that at Distribution Centres, as a part of basic facility, sanitary pads are provided free of cost to female employees. 

The company also plans to open all-women run DCs in various parts of the country.

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