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If walls around us could speak, they would have been talking about how they are painted red every other day with gutka and tobacco! There is a group of youngsters who have gathered together to address environmental issues such as spitting on the walls, women harassment, menstruation taboos through their videos such as “karo deewar kesari”, “rang lagao, hath nahi!”.

Stawb Bose Sarkar, Soumik Ganguly, and Aniket Dhar started Katha in July 2019.

Three of them were later joined by Shruti and Ayushmita who helped them to grow Katha.

Katha showed us through their post how the Gods did not just make the LGBTQ community they were the first LGBTQ community to ever exist portraying stories of Shikhandini of Mahabharata, Bhagirathi of Ramayana, Mohini of Bhagavata Purana, Varuna, and Mitra- the two-goddess depicted in ancient India scripture, etc.

The trio has been coming up with new ideas ever since they started Katha India and Katha market inc.

Watch the video here:

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