The video was taken by Bitupan Kolong who also won the state award for his photograph of the same scenario Credit: Twitter image (Bitupan Kolong)

A rare and enthralling video from the Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve is going viral on social media.

The video of two tigers and two one-horned rhinos minding their own business nearby a water body has grabbed the attention of social media users. The video was reportedly taken in the year 2019 by Bitupan Kolong who also bagged the state award for his photograph of the same scenario.

The video was shared on Kaziranga National Park & Tiger Reserves twitter handle on December 19 and they tweeted, “INCREDIBLE INDIA, 2 + 2 @kaziranga.”

While talking to EastMojo, Bitupan Kolong confirmed that the now viral video was actually taken in 2019. “It is a rare scene to be witnessed in the wild and it did not appear like the tigers were on a prowl,” said Bitupan. He also said that he waited there for about 40-45 minutes to see if he could witness something else, but the tigers left the spot after that.

They also tweeted about Bitupan’s achievement, “Do you believe in miracles? It happens in @kaziranga. This picture taken by @BitupanKolong bagged state award last year,” on December 7.

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