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Facebook image|By hosting Facebook lives with notable personalities they address issues related to mental health

Addressing mental health issues one Facebook live at a time

Rishi Paullah and Pritisha Borthakur founders of Storyweavers aims to break the stigma around mental health through ArtfulPeace Cumulative

Amlan Jyoti Das

Amlan Jyoti Das

Guwahati: Mental Health is the unaddressed elephant in India. Storyweavers, an advertising, digital marketing and production agency co-founded by journalist-entrepreneur Pritisha Borthakur and advertising-film making professional & entrepreneur Rishi Paullah, approaches to break the stigmas on mental health issues through ArtfulPeace Cumulative by hosting Facebook lives with notable personalities.

With a blend of art, lifestyle, and medical approaches Storyweavers has been addressing mental health issues through several offline initiatives in Delhi-NCR and Northeast India; one popular platform being - Art After Dark – wherein they use performing arts as the healing element.

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EastMojo imageRishi Paullah and Pritisha Borthakur founders of Storyweavers

The pandemic brought everything to a halt and saw a massive rise in depression and anxiety cases, Storyweavers decided to continue addressing mental health with a much better and effective approach by launching their digital campaign, ArtfulPeace Cumulative. The founders are blending art, lifestyle and professional medical counseling to heal minds, address, and find answers to their problems. More than 80+ musicians, poets, and storytellers, healers, lifestyle coaches, and doctors, combined, have come on-board so far to support the cause, and go live from their official page.

“Anxiety and depression have been the plague of this millennium, addressing which needs a global approach. In India, it requires a lot of sensitization and a connective approach,” said Paullah. To overcome the issues and stigma associated with it the duo came up with the ArtfulPeace Cumulative.

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Facebook imageActor-social worker-sing-songwriter Arghadeep Baruah was also a part of this innitiative

The initiative kicked off on May 3 with a live performance by Delhi-based multi-genre band Jazba E Junoon. Several yoga and meditation sessions, medical counseling sessions too have taken place. Performers and speakers such as Internationally known Indian folk singer Kalpana Patowary, playback singer and sing-songwriter Mayukh Hazarika, actor-social worker-sing-songwriter Arghadeep Baruah, Assamese poet-sing-songwriter Maitrayee Patar, Bollywood violinist Sandeep Thakur, Urdu poet & Dastangoi artist Kafeel Jafri, Hindi poet Mohit Mudita Dwivedi, Coke studio fame Sufi Rock band Zikrr, Hindustani classical vocalist Anuratn Rai, Tabla virtuoso Mohd Amjad Khan, Flautist and anatomy specialist Dr. Sudipta Dipak, Psychiatrist & singer-composer Dr. Amlan Deb Nath (GMCH), Educator-Mental Health Counsellor Madhusmita Adhyapak, Psychologist Sanjeevani Goswami, entrepreneur Shyamkanu Mahanta, entrepreneur-author-sing-songwriter Devanga Pallav Saikia, Writer-poet-socio-political activist & motivational communicator Tinat Atifa Masood, among others have participated in this initiative to support the cause.

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Facebook imageProfessional doctors, psychologists, artists, poets, etc all have graced the lives addressing the much tabooed topic

“Mental Health is still very much a taboo. People feel ashamed to discuss the condition and share their feelings openly,” said Borthakur while talking with EastMojo. She has been battling with depression for the past four years. Having had the first-hand experience of going through the pains of the mental issue along with the societal stigma Borthakur took years to address her depression. “With ArtfulPeace Cumulative, we want to tell people that there is no shame in admitting how one is feeling and what one is going through. Depression is very much real. And I hope our efforts will bring the change that we want to see..,” added Borthakur.

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