The deceased, Mercy Borah, on her wedding day
The deceased, Mercy Borah, on her wedding day|Facebook

Why did Assam’s social media sensation Mercy Borah commit suicide?

Mercy Borah, who hails from Karbi Anglong district, recently took social media by storm after video of heartwarming dance on her wedding day went viral

Sandeep Borah

Sandeep Borah

A video of Mercy Borah’s dance on her wedding recently went viral
A video of Mercy Borah’s dance on her wedding recently went viral

Guwahati: A recent social media sensation allegedly committed suicide under mysterious circumstances in Assam’s Nagaon district on Saturday.

The shocking death of Mercy Borah, who recently gained popularity among the masses for her viral social media video, has sent shock waves among her fans and well-wishers. In the video, Borah was seen dancing her heart out on her wedding day.

Here’s the video:

As per sources, Borah mysteriously committed suicide at her in-laws’ residence on Saturday, just a few months after she tied knot with her beloved.

Meanwhile, Mercy’s death has attracted reactions among her fans and well-wishers, who are alleging that there can be a foul play behind it.

In a recent Facebook post made by one of Borah’s close friends, Abhijit Laskar, he wrote that her suicide cannot be treated normally as she was a strong person at heart.

“I know her well. Just a few days ago, she texted me and she was all fine. Had there been any issue going on in her in past days, she should have definitely shared it with me,” Laskar wrote.

Alleging foul play behind her suicide, Laskar alleged that there might be some kind of mental harassment from her in-laws that might have forced her to take up such an extreme step.

“I think there should be a proper investigation and into Mercy’s shocking death,” he expressed.

Hailing from a remote village in Assam’s Karbi Anglong district, Borah amazed social media users across the state with her heartwarming dance on her wedding day. A talented girl from her childhood, she won several medals and certificates in a number of singing and dance competitions.

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