Vikramjit Kakati diving into the sea bed
Vikramjit Kakati diving into the sea bed|File image

Assam professor dives deep into Arabian Sea to clear plastic waste

Guwahati resident Vikramjit Kakati undertook the mission recently in a bid to raise awareness about plastic pollution on ocean bed; cleared 4.5 kg of waste with his team

Simran Bajaj

Simran Bajaj

Guwahati: Every one cares about pollution, but only when it’s visible and bothering us. But what about the invisible layers of plastic dumped on the ocean bed? Forty-eight-year-old Vikramjit Kakati from Assam is taking up this cause.

A PhD holder from IIT, Guwahati, Kakati along with four others set a phenomenal example last month of cleaning up the sea bed. The scholar and his group went down to a place called Bounty Bay in Goa, where the team collected a total of 4.5 kg of plastic waste from the bottom of Arabian Sea.

Currently an associate professor of engineering at Assam Don Bosco University, Kakati is also a certified scuba diver.

Speaking with EastMojo, he said, “We did the clean-up to create awareness about plastic pollution on the ocean bed.”

Since plastic waste is generally seen floating on water, the Guwahati native explained that as moss grows on garbage, they get heavier and go down to the sea bed. Due to this, the seas and oceans are incurring a huge cost, as almost regularly sea animals are getting choked and suffocated due to it. Even coral reefs are dying, he added.

For Vikramjit Kakati, every day is a World Environment Day
For Vikramjit Kakati, every day is a World Environment Day File image

With a warning, Kakati said, “if coral reefs die, it will have an adverse effect on the ocean ecosystem.” Kakati is on a mission against environmental pollution and believes that “every day is an environment day.”

This is the first time that someone from Assam has done such a thing, and we just hope that it brings more eyes on the issue.

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