The heat is on
The heat is on|Representational image

Guwahati faces the heat, witnesses record temperatures in April

At 36.7 degrees Celsius, Thursday was the hottest day for the month in two years; last year, the highest temperature in April was 31.22 degrees Celsius

Sandeep Borah

Sandeep Borah

Guwahati: Guwahati on Thursday recorded a maximum temperature of 36.7 degrees Celsius, which was said to be the highest in the month of April in the past two years.

As per reports by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the maximum temperature recorded was also the highest in April so far this year.

The early heat that has hit the capital city this year has become a matter of concern for the residents of Guwahati. In comparison, the highest temperature recorded last year in the month of April was 31.22 degrees Celsius.

There’s, however, relief in sight. As per IMD, the maximum temperature will go down in the coming days with the average temperature hovering around 31 degrees Celsius.

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