Swedish band The Boo Boo Bama Orchestra’s maiden India tour

The Boo Boo Bama Orchestra from Sweden is set to embark on a transformative journey as they prepare to go on their first-ever tour of India. Starting their journey at Ziro Festival, they will play shows across the region and beyond.

With a reputation that precedes them as virtuosos of sound and creators of unforgettable melodies, this tour promises to be an experience like none other. Their sound is a symphonic blend of cultures, rhythms, and harmonies and as anticipation builds, it’s clear that this is a celebration of cross-cultural exchange that will leave an indelible mark on the band and their audiences. 

In an email interview with the ring-leader Jack Öhman.

How does it feel to be performing in India for the first time? What are your expectations from this unique cultural experience and especially Arunachal Pradesh?

We are very excited! Some of us have been to India before, and loved it, but it is our first time playing. We always try not to have high expectations, and just trust that it will be magic, which is usually the case. I mean, the scenery speaks for itself.

 How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it before?

We call our music ”Psychedelic Cocktail Boogie”. It’s a mix of many things, there’s some reggae, funk and afro beat in there, mixed up with a high energy performance that you won’t forget. 

We heard you are planning on doing a train journey from Delhi to Arunachal Pradesh. Do you think this is a first for a Swedish band? Are you planning to document this train ride?

Been riding trains in India before, and it’s a magical experience. We will definitely be taking nice long train rides on this journey. We have some friends who have toured in India several times, so we would definitely not be the first, nor the last.

Can you tell us about your creative process while making a record?

We recorded our debut album in a small cabin in the woods outside of our hometown. Just isolating ourselves and diving deep into the creative process. The result will be out in some month’s time.

Many international artists find it inspiring to perform in diverse cultural settings like India. Do you think this experience will influence your music and future projects?

I think most experiences rub off on your way to express yourself, if you have an open mind. My personal experience is that India as a country is inspirational in many ways. So I would definitely say that it will influence us, but in what way we don’t know yet. 

The Boo Boo Bama’s live performances are known for their energy and connection with the audience. What can festival-goers expect from your set at Ziro Festival?


What role do you believe music plays in bridging cultural gaps and fostering international understanding?

I believe that music is the language of love. The all-understanding language. You don’t have to understand what we are singing, just feel it. Feel the beat, the melody that lingers, from your toes out to your fingers.

I believe without a doubt that music brings people together, always have been, always will. And that’s exactly what we will be doing.

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The Boo Boo Bama Orchestra will be performing at Ziro Festival, Arunachal Pradesh on 29th September, followed by Cafe Hendrix in Guwahati on 30th September, Kronu Cafe in Dimapur, Nagaland on 1st October and Delhi on 8th October.

Visit to know more: www.zirofestival.com

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