Arunahcalee rapper Don Kam drops new single, music video

Itanagar: Renowned Arunachalee rapper Tana Kamsang has dropped a new single and its music video titled ‘Withdrawal’.

Popularly known as Don Kam or DK, Kamsang is best known for his fast and hard hitting rhyme scheme, however, he opts for maturity and melody in his new single.

In ‘Withdrawal’, Kamsang can be heard singing his heart out with the storyline of the music video being mostly inspired by real life events.

As the drug addiction rate among the youths continue to rise in the state, the video gravitates around a young drug abuser’s diary in which he reminisces how he used to be a promising lad and one who was quite good in sports.

The youngster is then introduced to the world of substance abuse, which leads him to stealing, entering a phase of trauma and eventually ending up in rehab.

In the video, the protagonist, who is addicted to heroin, and another who is thought to be his close friend, both under the influence of the drug, embark on a psychotic trip which results in regular bike thefts. During one such failed attempt, the friend is apprehended and killed.

Baffled and shocked over losing his partner in crime, the protagonist hits rock bottom and is shifted to rehab. But the nightmare doesn’t end there as then comes the process of ‘withdrawal’ as the main character suffers through sleepless nights, anxiety, depression, seizures and hallucinations.

To fight it all, the protagonist pens down his emotions in a diary.

As mentioned earlier, Kamsang’s song is inspired by real-life events. According to local police stations across the Itanagar Capital Region, drugs and theft go hand in hand. Most of the teenagers, who are involved in theft cases, do so, solely to purchase drugs.

Even after numerous arrests and crackdowns, the police claim that easy bail and loopholes in the law allow people involved in drug trafficking and peddling to restore the drug chain.

Also, the absence of proper rehabilitation centres in Arunachal adds insult to injury.

According to Don Kam, everyone has been doing their part to curtail the menace.

“The government and police are keeping an eye on things and filmmakers are putting out scripts to raise awareness on drug abuse. The Arunachalee music industry too has been quite vocal and direct against all the drug mayhem going on lately. “Withdrawal” is the effort to do the same,” Kamsang said.

He also revealed that the actor in the music video did overcome addiction in real life.

“The question now is of how tough and how long can one withstand the pressure of withdrawal. Or is it just another relapse on its way? That’s the whole point of the video,” Kamsang said.  

A first-generation Arunachalee rapper from Doimukh in Papum Pare district, Kamsang (28) started to make music in his college days after being inspired by the American rock band Linkin Park.

He along with his crew ‘Demons Clique’ has already released 6 hip-hop music albums so far which have managed to garner over 4 million total views on YouTube and around 23k streams on Spotify.

 With inputs from Nyato Mosing

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