Lithuanian pop icon Leon Somov, a leading electronic music performer and producer in Eastern Europe can’t wait to perform at the Ziro Festival of Music. He will be performing with the Lithuanian pop diva, Dileta and accomplished drummer, Gediminas Stankevicius.

Leon Somov

In an email interview with Anupam Chakravartty, Somov, who is part of global music icons Swedish House Mafia, shares the source of his musical inspiration, the Lithuanian musical scene and adapting to the creative challenge posed by the pandemic.

Tell us about your musical influences. What music did you grow up with?

I grew up in the 80s listening mostly to electronic music. You can feel it in some of my timbres. I love everything related to late post punk, early new wave, the beginning of synthwave. When I start to think about what to name, it’s hard to choose. So much great music!

Dileta and Leon Somov

Choosing favourites is a tough one, it depends on a day or mood … One of the influences certainly was Depeche Mode, I was a huge fan of the band. But still, probably the biggest influence for me in electronic music remains Massive Attack. I love and respect them to this day.

How has the Lithuanian electronic music scene evolved over the years?

It’s getting better everyday, Lithuanian artists become popular abroad, and they are making music at a high level. I’ll do my best to show that in my concerts together with Dileta. There will be three of us on stage, we’ll be joined by fantastic drummer Gediminas Stankevicius.

Dileta and Leon Somov

How are you adapting to the challenges posed by the pandemic in terms of producing music and performing?

Pandemic was a challenging period of course, but also very interesting. We had two lockdowns in Lithuania, then various restrictions for the concerts, even drive-in kind of concerts, when people are listening to the music in their cars though the vehicle radio system.

Leon Somov

But it was a great time to create and record music. What else to do? I even built a temporary music studio in the wardrobe, which was really fun. Also I learned to work online and collaborate with other artists without leaving home, so I would say pandemic taught me a few new things.

During that time Dileta and I recorded an album together, it’s named Find You, released by Lithuanian label M.P.3. And this is the music we are going to share with the open heart with all of you at Ziro festival and Depot 48 bar in New Delhi.

Please tell us about your visit to India. Is this your first one?

I have to be honest… Can’t wait to come to India, counting down the days. It will be my second time in your country. Last (and the only) time I visited India was back in 2009. I’ve found it very inspiring and spiritual. Looking forward to coming back to Delhi. But this will be my first time in Arunachal Pradesh and Ziro valley. What beautiful nature it looks like. I’m sure I will be excited to listen to local and international artists, to meet new friends and surely we’ll have a good time together. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Leon Somov and Dileta will be performing on the Simba Pwlo Stage on October 1, 2022 at 9:00 PM. They will also perform at Depot 48 in New Delhi on 28 September 2022

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