A resident of Arunachal Pradesh’s Papum Pare district met with an accident while he was traveling through a road with several potholes filled with rain water.

He met with an accident at around 5:30 pm on September 20 near Hara Hapa, while he was on his way home from work.

His vehicle’s front tyre fell into a pothole, which he could not see earlier, after which he lost balance and fell hard, sustaining injuries.

“I cannot take even a day break, because I have a family to take care of. I’m in a dilemma and frustration. What shall I do? Shall I go to repair my bike? Go to work? But with what and how? Or shall I go for treatment? Who will feed and care for my family while I’m in hospital? Who is responsible for this misery?” questioned the man.

“Not just for me but for each one of those who had such accidents. And those who had to suffer the pain, frustration, financial loss, material loss and most importantly the time? Is it the administration? The construction agencies? The govt.? Who will bear the loss and who will punish the culprit?” B T Tagia questioned authorities in a Facebook post.

The man has now written to the deputy Commissioner of Papum Pare district about his loss and has requested authorities to look into the matter. He also reported that the road is prone to many accidents and its condition poses grave inconvenience to commuters on two-wheelers who carry women, children and even older parents to and from the locality.

“When some districts are claiming their road as one of finest in state, hosting supercars, the photos of which are all over every social media platform, my home district, Papumpare, just 20km from the capital region, has such pathetic roads that one cannot even properly ride a bicycle. Why?” the man asked.

This incident was reported just a couple of days after supercars were seen cruising through the beautiful roads in eastern Arunachal.

Arunachal Pradesh chief minister Pema Khandu had also tweeted about the improving condition of roads in the state after Raymond boss Gautam Singhania and his friends were in town for a supercar rally.

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