Itanagar: First Lady of state Neelam Misra has proposed setting up a museum on loin loom in Arunachal Pradesh in line with that of the Charkha Museum in the national capital.

The first lady proposed to the officials of the National Museum of Charkha at Connaught Place in New Delhi, which she visited on Friday.

The Charkha Museum depicts the history and evolution of Charkha, from a primitive instrument rising to a symbol of nationalism, freedom movement, and empowerment of the individual citizens by weaving Swadeshi cloth.

During her interaction with the museum officials, Misra said loin loom weaving is one of the indigenous handicrafts and artisan skills of Arunachalees.

“It is a shining legacy that has been passed down by the womenfolk of Arunachal Pradesh to successive generations and has been a good example of women empowerment. The designs and patterns of traditional weaving of the state are distinctive, attractive, exclusive, and one of its kinds in the world,” the first lady said.

Misra said every tribe of Arunachal has its distinct colour, design, pattern, and style, symbolising their identity.

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Loin Loom weaving in Arunachal Pradesh has been an extension of traditions and has been a time-tested self-employment avenue for the house makers, she said.

Misra said that the loin loom museum if established in Arunachal, would be a surrounding board for the message of ‘Start-Up’ and ‘Aatma Nirbhar Pradesh’ and inspire a large number of tribal women and girls.

Traditional weaving is not only a home need activity but also an enterprise for self-financial support for the productive creativity of women. It is a good pursuit, excellent utilisation of time, and a hearty hobby for the members of a household, she said.

The first lady also called upon the Khadi and Village Industries Commission to assist the state in the endeavour.

The project once established in Arunachal Pradesh will showcase the vintage loin looms, products, accessories and recalling photographs and pictures depicting this age-old practice. The display of traditional loin loom and the products of different tribes will also be a great tourist attraction.

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